pron means: Pornographic material that involves crustaceans. It is easily accessible online. (in Community Dictionary, added by Crapkin)

What else does pron mean?

  • When you are looking up porn online, it is easy to misspell the word. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kian Wiggins)
  • N: Film or literature that stimulates sexual desire Syn: Pornography, porno n.Pornography. adj.Pornographic. The meaning of “pron” and “pr0n is A deliberate or accidental misspelling of the term ‘porn. It is accepted by the online gaming community as a common spelling error. This was used also to bypass keyword filtering, such as AOL’s parental control. All children around the globe now have the opportunity to access all porn and pr0n necessary for healthy development. (in Community Dictionary, added by Desirae Jefferson)
  • Porn. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kaliyah Hunt)
  • 1337 Leet is pornography. The digit 0, which is usually replaced by the letter o, is called pr0n. (in Community Dictionary, added by Paulina Lee)
  • Actually, it’s pr0n. It is spelled that way to make sure it does not show up in searches for the term “porn”. This was created to hide your participation in low-reputation activities. It is very similar to the original purpose of 1337. These words are similar to divisions of pr0n and still used: Rygold – Perophylia Qwerty – Bestiality showme – voyuer Rorikonlolikon is an anime child Momashi is incest Big Breasted Women – BBW etc. (in Community Dictionary, added by Olivia Navarro)