Proglodyte means: Progressive democrat whose brain development is lower than any of the prehistoric species. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alannah Bryan)

What else does Proglodyte mean?

  • Progressive who rejects logic, Western Civilization and its cultural norms. Blindly following utopias of socialist revolution. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jargoon)
  • Urban being who is confused and suspicious believes that they can only compensate for their ineptness by exercising unreasonably high levels of control on their fellow citizens. Also see Politics, Progressive George Orwell, Joseph Stalin. (in Community Dictionary, added by Skyla Barber)
  • Accurate term of abusecontemptdescription for an unthinkingly reflexive and personally unpleasant leftist shit-thrower. This is a diagnostic term that distinguishes the NPR-listener who has been overmedicated, the druggie who is slobbering, and the other members of the leftist menagerie from the most vocal. (in Community Dictionary, added by Francisco Chapman)