profilicity means: Profilicity is a mechanism for identity creation that Hans-Georg Moeller and Paul D’Ambrosio, in You and Your Profile have called profilicity. It’s closer to authenticity than sincerity. Profilicity, which is reliant upon the reactions of others to its actions, can be other-directed. Sincerity is the best way to show sincerity. One’s community and family are the ones who will judge how well or poorly one performs the roles. People are less authentic online and conform to the expectations of their social media audience, rather than family members and friends. It is tempting to follow the crowd and get likes, followers, and subscribers. Because your audience is your mirror, authenticity isn’t other-directed. Self-creation can be done without the pressure of gaining followers, subscribers or likes. Self-creation that is more humble is about creating your authentic self. Do not lead me into temptation. Sincerity can’t be authentically displayed because there are others. Unknowingly, we all want to fit in and conform to the expectations of those around us. Being sincere increases EGO, and it reduces humility because the audience praises you. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chatterbox)