prenoia means: Prenoia pree-noy-uh “The joyful suspicion that it is one’s duty to ‘conspire’ for the success of oneself; for the success of all other terrestrial beings, and the whole Universe.”Multiverse. -H A- Paranoia is the belief that someone is conspiring to cause harm. Paranoia has been classified as a psychological disorder. Pronoia, a sneaking suspicion of the Universe conspiring against one’s will, was first coined in the United States of America between the 1960’s & 1970’s. Andrew Weil’s 1972 book The Natural Mind mentions “Positive Paranoia”, a belief held by people who were psychologically determined to have a Whole personality type, or a “W”. On tests, these people were found to be mentally abnormal. These people were however some of the highest functioning in their community. A European Zippy group added the pronoia definition to the 1990s. It stated that pronoia was the suspicion of others conspiring to aid you. Today in 2008 I present Prenoia, which can be described as the joyful suspicion that one has a duty to “conspire” for one’s success; and for all terrestrial beings. “Multiverse. (in Community Dictionary, added by Landen Chavez)