Precycle means: The signs at the UMBC dining room are displayed on the tables. The image shows a man reaching for two cans with food inside, although one cannot see the labels directly in front of the viewer. This supposedly refers to buying products with less packaging. Someone has already created a term for “reduce”, which is one of three R’s, the other being reuse or recycle. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jensen Stokes)

What else does Precycle mean?

  • It is better to use a non-recyclable item such as a shopping bag than an obvious substitute. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alaina Moon)
  • Verb To remove a container’s inner packaging and recycle it. variable: precycling, noun. (in Community Dictionary, added by Roger Lowe)
  • Collecting cans and bottles from the recycle bin is the act that takes them away. For the deposit. (in Community Dictionary, added by Josiah Cortez)
  • Use an empty bag, bag, bottle or jug to store your trash. You can use it as a container for trash, before throwing it away. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elvis Hale)
  • Reduce consumer waste by purchasing in small quantities, buying reusable items and avoiding disposables. (in AZ Dictionary)