powergamer means: Two definitions: Person who frustrates at trying to win in tabletop role-playing games. B Person who aims to achieve everything in a videogame. This includes all the secret goals, getting every item, unlocking every secret and so on. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chana Hoffman)

What else does powergamer mean?

  • Powergamer n. 1. A person who is addicted to playing video games. 2. A person who is serious about the game of playing. 3. A person who is good at playing certain games. 4. Negative One who uses the game to their advantage. This term is often used to describe players in role-playing games who care more about character development than role play. v. 1. A long game session. syn. powerplayer. (in Community Dictionary, added by Taliyah Carney)
  • An online player refers to someone who works hard to get the most experience points and xp in as little time as possible. Their obsession with xp efficiency is greater than all else, even their bladder health. They spend a lot of time playing games, and they are obsessed with getting the best gear for their characters. (in Community Dictionary, added by Claudio Montoro)
  • One player who seeks to frustrate or dominate other players in a particular game. It is usually not an issue when playing games that promote competitive play, but it quickly becomes problematic when your objective is to work with others and to socialize as well. Power-gamers can be a problem in certain online and social role-playing and social games such as wordMUDwords, which are not for everyone. Certain games, however, are more suited to powergamers than others — Monopoly or the no longer available Paranoia RPG setting from West End Games. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mollie Robertson)