Power Couple means: Two people can have a good relationship if they look out for each other. Their partners don’t mind them criticizing their appearances or actions. Their main goal in life is to improve themselves together. Their relationship is their priority and they strive to be perfect. They never let the other down. (in Community Dictionary, added by Isaías Díaz)

What else does Power Couple mean?

  • Two people can be equally amazing and that is what everyone wants. They are the reason everyone comes to a party. (in Community Dictionary, added by Annalise Henry)
  • A force that unites two people, which results in their everlasting happiness and the ability to take control of the world. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fisher Moon)
  • Confidence attracts others to a couple. (in Community Dictionary, added by Deanna James)
  • The couple with all power. A couple who is together like super heroes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gwendolyn Campos)
  • An unhappy couple who do bad things together, and then plot to overthrow the entire world. For example, a power couple could make millions in passive income from their superpowers. These might include the ability to read minds and manipulate situations. (in Community Dictionary, added by Averi Carr)
  • Two people in a relationship who are just as awesome as one another. Together, they can be as fun and amazing as their individual selves. They know that their self-worth is not dependent on each other. People who are positive, bright-eyed, and optimistic see themselves as something more than a regular relationship. A power couple is one where each person’s flaws are made up by the other. They are everything that anyone could want in a partner. Together they encourage good in the world, and help make it better. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alfonso Molina)