Poverty means: The student section at St. Charles North. (in Community Dictionary, added by Josephine Scott)

What else does Poverty mean?

  • A person who is extremely poor or whose children are born in extreme poverty is called poverty. This is when people don’t have enough to eat, shelter, or clothing. (in Community Dictionary, added by Strathspey)
  • It is possible to be without basic necessities or to struggle to pay them, such as food, clothing, water and housing. While many believe that only third-world countries are poor, the truth is you can find poverty anywhere in the world. Even developed nations like Australia, Britain, Canada and the USA. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bethany Dominguez)
  • Your family doesn’t have enough money to live a miserable existence. This is nothing to laugh about. When your family lives in poverty, it means that they are lazy and have to live in Section 8 housing units. They also receive state-funded checks for their living expenses. Being poor is being made fun of because you don’t have anything nice or clean to wear to school. You are laughed at and called “poorest kid at school”. When no one loves you at school, it is called poverty. When your mother keeps having babies after babies to maintain her lifestyle, you are considered to be in poverty. You feel like you are in poverty when you lose your mother and nobody loves you. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cristina Serrano)
  • 1. A condition in which your resources are not sufficient to support you. 2. Some countries use financial guidelines to determine if you’re poor. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reece Galvan)
  • A state that is poor or lacking the ability to provide material necessities and comforts. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Lack of quantity; lack. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • A member of a religious organization may renounce the right to possess property. (in AZ Dictionary)