Positivity means: Unfortunately, many teenagers are lacking this ability due to the society that places restrictions on them and allows them to behave in a certain manner. People who are made to fit into certain molds will suffer, particularly younger ones, as they haven’t been exposed to this world and are not familiar with it. Teenagers can become depressed and suffer from other mental illnesses and disorders. These can prove very serious, even deadly, so they’re told to mature. Their misery is only exacerbated by this. School can also cause sadness, and other negative emotions, and thoughts, due to the abuse of other children, and adults responsible for our education and support, known as teachers. These are just a few of the reasons. A feeling that is positive, such as excitement or pride, can be described as optimism. Positivity can change your outlook, mindset, and life for the better. (in Community Dictionary, added by Paul Silva)