PORTUGUESE BREAKFAST means: After a night of sex, a woman will give a man her head the next morning. (in Community Dictionary, added by HoiPolloi)

What else does PORTUGUESE BREAKFAST mean?

  • After a night of promiscuous escapades, the vagina’s void contents are purged. It may contain creams, condoms, ejaculate and, in extreme cases, vegetable bits, strings, bead string, hair, and/or vomit. (in Community Dictionary, added by Salomé Ibáñez)
  • Both gay and straight sex can be done. Mix two eggs together in a bowl. Add cheese to the mixture. While having anal sex with your partner, mix the egg mixture in a bowl. Let all the liquid out in a bowl. Mix, cook, and enjoy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ibrahim Silva)
  • Portuguese breakfast involves a woman standing upside-down on her head and spreading her legs so her vagina opens. The man takes an ostrich egg, cracks it open and pours the contents in the female’s genitals. While the woman remains in her current position, the man has sex. After the man is done, the woman will squat over the frying pan to release the contents. Make portuguese eggs as you would scrambled eggs. (in Community Dictionary, added by Johnathan Barrett)
  • It is the act of preparing eggs for consumption and removing them from a woman’s genital area. (in Community Dictionary, added by Coby Walter)
  • Make some eggs and have your daughter lay down. Then, prop her up high. You can use a funnel to pour eggs into her pussy. Then, fuck her. (in Community Dictionary, added by MandirLingo)