Portola Valley means: Portola Valley, a charming little community nestled among the hills in the Bay Area’s hills is the perfect place to call home. People who live in Portola Valley, contrary to the original definition, are actually quite well-off. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are all wealthy and spoiled children. However, like any area with a lot of wealth, some of them have the ability to make a decent living, while others live in poverty. It is also not dirty or smelly, but rather charming and beautiful. Anyone who has ever been to Portola Valley will know this. Portola Valley can be described as a country walk. Although you might feel isolated, there are large cities nearby, including San Francisco or Palo Alto. It’s a great area to raise your children. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kason Petty)

What else does Portola Valley mean?

  • The Atherton is in the hills. It is quiet and private, but everyone knows everybody. Evidently, the definitions were written by people who don’t know anything about the subject. While everyone is wealthy in this country, very few people “brag” about how much they have. Many people own nice homes and drive nice cars. However, less than half the population has vacation homes. Some kids may have nice cars and clothes, but mine is a junk car. My friends are the same. Nearly everyone is thin, with 30 percent of those who have breast cancer having been diagnosed. Although some women may have undergone plastic surgery, it is not LA. Ormondale, Corte Madera and Priory are the three schools. All three schools are excellent. Woodside Deli has some of the finest pizzas in the Bay. (in Community Dictionary, added by George Leblanc)
  • The previous definitions were completely misinterpreted. Portola Valley residents have money, but don’t show it. While they may have expensive cars, most residents have Prius’s or older cars than ten years. Residents must travel to nearby towns for food, clothing and other necessities. There’s no downtown. Everybody knows each other and is willing to help one another when necessary. Public schools in this area are amazing and not as “dirty” or disreputable as some people think. The majority of people here send their children to the public schools and avoid private schools. This beautiful city is home to many great things and people. Residents are often involved in the technology industry and have worked hard to earn their living. Portola Valley is a tiny town so gossip is not difficult to spread. It is not snobby. Anyone who says so has never lived in this community. It is not called PV, oh and (in Community Dictionary, added by Cupuliferous)
  • NorCal is home to a place where people speak softly in Irish and give gentle shoulder pats when greeting. (in Community Dictionary, added by Charles Osborne)