poornography means: The budget for pornography is very low. This pornography is known for being less casting than other porn. It has a lot of sexy scenes, and actors who fail to live up to the high standards expected in normal pornography. It is also more likely to look shaky because it was often shot using a handheld camcorder rather than a tripod-mounted movie camera. Poor porno is not to be confused for amateur porno. It’s produced in order to sell or distribute via the internet and features actors who are paid. (in Community Dictionary, added by Erico Jiménez)

What else does poornography mean?

  • The mega-rich upper class see images of the less fortunate and it enhances their senses of superiority. Images of those less fortunate than others can increase their shame, anger, and rage, particularly when the images are compared to the superiority of the super-rich upper classes. (in Community Dictionary, added by Vulviform)
  • Poor quality pornography (in Community Dictionary, added by Umpteenth)