Poog means: Poo-Guh, “Pro Noun”, a Slummy. Usually a white person who lives off welfare. They spend all their money on alcohol and drugs. Many of these “Poogs”, who live in poor apartments, have little respect for others. Many poogs live in some towns, which are called “Poogvilles”. Apparel for a Poog includes Tank Tops (Track Pants), Baggy Clothes, Large Tongue Shoes, and Baggy Clothes. When they are young, many poogs get married. No matter how many there are, 16-18 smoking is a big part of many poogs’ lives. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sebastián Fuentes)

What else does Poog mean?

  • Adj. Poogish, Poogishly, Poogishness. A person or thing that is either: Limitation in thought and concentration or 2. A lack of purpose or wandering without a reason. 3. It also refers to drunkenness, cloudiness of the mind, and use of the limbs. 4. This is used to describe one’s own actions. (in Community Dictionary, added by Phillip Herring)
  • Any verb can be used as a replacement. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ari Campbell)
  • Untidy, white male that is almost entirely trashy. 1. Mullet is often a common occurrence. 2. You can find clothing at thrift shops, such as sweatshirts that are NASCAR-certified, and wolfeagle-themed. 3. He usually works in factories or installs drywall. 4. You can find an IROC or Dodge Spirit driving around, as well as an early 90s Caprice. 5. He smokes, drinks and consumes daily. But he only buys the best beer. 6. Is often a three-day millionaire and ends up at the local dive bar. 7. You can be seen riding a bike, often because you have been suspended for having had too many DUIs. 8. You will often be seen with Poogers. See: Pooger 9. A complete set of teeth is rare. 10. They are often thin which contributes to their low-scoring social status. 11. If possible, will wear Jordache tapered jeans and any No-Name sneakers that he purchased when Zellers was still open. 12. Hears late 80s and early 90s big hair rock. 13. There are visible traces of beer smell in his voice as he speaks. 14. Common phrases in conversation include “Fack” or “Cacksucker”. 15. Jean jackets. 16. Never admit that they are at fault, even if you’re always broke. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eddie Tate)
  • He is the strongest of men. In the name of wisdom and truth, courage, honor, and honour, he fights ignorance darkness. Med, his greatest Ally against evil and brother of the pair is often with him. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adyson Mcclure)
  • Sometimes a cute animal or a cute object, such as a stuffed animal. Sometimes used to refer to people as pets. Sometimes poogies or poogs are used in plural. It is pronounced poog and not pooj. The word is thought to combine the words “puss” and “pig”. You can also see kittens and puppies. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maximillian Gibson)
  • Oshawa Garbage Piece 1. LiveWork Oshawa 2. Love Pajama Pants 3. Straggly Hair 4. Showers are not for you 5. LOVE GM 6. General Motors – Work 7. Convenience stores sell their hats Trillium College in the Mall 8. Long walks are possible to the Methodone Clinic 9. You can own any GM and CAW clothing 10. Visits the Dalhousie and UOITDurham bars every other night in an effort to find someone who has more than a high-school diploma. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kathryn Weeks)