polliwog means: It is a clit which is almost large enough to serve as a talliwacker. You might also catch warts there. (in Community Dictionary, added by Shelby Mcmillan)

What else does polliwog mean?

  • Many NCIS fans, especially Tiva fans, would prefer to forget the alternate name for a particular character. The character’s name is a result of her “nickname”, which was also given by her father, on The Frog. It is often used to make fun of the character. All Tiva fans will feel the stinging shivers when the Polliwog is mentioned, whether on NCIS or the fan boards. Tiva fan’s will feel the urge to switch channels, skim scenes or run screaming whenever the Polliwog appears on their television screens. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lucrecia Ortega)
  • An amphibian of large size and yellow that lives in the Gullah islands. (in Community Dictionary, added by Talon Campos)