Polish Reversed Jackhammer Upside-down Monopoly means: You and a group, at least 11 men, should go to any Polish city. You will then start to do any type of polka dancing backwards, around whatever sexually stimulating object, inanimate or otherwise, and jump on your dick as a jackhammer. A tournament of monopoly will decide who is sexually stimulating. Anybody who does not do a handstand in the course of a game will be disqualified. They must travel 10 kms to the destination chosen by them. If the handstand isn’t completed by the end of the game, all participants are permitted to submit the failed attempt and continue with the tournament. The ritual ends when everyone has shrunk by 20cm. A person who doesn’t have at least a 20 cm dick is not eligible to participate in the holy ritual. This is a very frowned upon act unless you are able to smile at the fifth rat that you encounter in Poland as you ride a pingpong table downhill. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kiersten Stark)