Pocky means: You’re a total and utter whore that lures people to DMs in order to ban them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Finnegan Ali)

What else does Pocky mean?

  • Japanese biscuits covered with chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or any other flavor. The high cost makes it a bit overrated. It is often eaten by Asians and Wapanese as well as middle school students who are obsessed with Asian cuisine. Hello Panda is a Japanese-inspired snack. This is a lesser-known Japanese treat that tastes better than Pocky. (in Community Dictionary, added by Deja Gamble)
  • Person who is black from the outside, but has a yellow interior. Blacks who attend anime conventions can either speak Japanese or any other Asian language. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ivy Tapia)
  • The manufacturer covered the biscuit sticks with whatever they could find. Available in several flavors including chocolate, strawberry and almond crunch. YouAY Biscut sitcks What Decor Pocky looks like (in Community Dictionary, added by RapisWonky)
  • Glico products from Japan. A biscuit stick with fudge on it. Sometimes, candy peices are added. Although some may think it is overrated, they won’t consume more than one of these sticks. . Rarely found in America except for Anime conventions and select Wal-Marts. You don’t have to be a big fan of Anime or are afraid to visit the Oriental markets, but you will enjoy the flavor. eBay has the cheapest prices and doesn’t employ slave labor. A two-pack Chocolate Pocky costs about the same price as regular Hershey bars, plus or minus 20 cents depending on where you are. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cael Snow)
  • Japanese people love to eat thin bread sticks dipped into chocolate. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maryjane Sharp)
  • The Japanese snack food Pocky comes from the Ezaki Glico Company of Japan. Chocoteck was the first to sell it. It consists of a chocolate-covered biscuit stick. The Japanese teenage population loved Pocky and it brought 30 billion yen to Japan in just two years. After the Japanese word pokkin, which is the sound Pocky makes after being bitten by an animal, the name of the product was changed to Pocky. In 1971, “Almond Pocky”, with an almond coating was introduced, followed in 1977 by “Strawberry Pocky”. The product range now includes milk, mousse and green tea flavored coatings and themes such as “Decorer Pocky”, which has colorful decorative stripes in its coating. “Men’s Pocky” is a dark bittersweet and “mature”, versions. In Japan, Pocky is extremely popular. It is often served with a glass of icewater in bars. You can also find it in China, Korea and other East Asian nations. Pocky in Europe is now called Mikado, after the Japanese game Mikado. Pocky is available in the United States and Canada at Asian Supermarkets as well as the International Section of large supermarkets. The Glico Company changed the name of Pocky in Malaysia to Rocky. This was perhaps done to avoid using a Malay word with similar pronunciation. LU (a Danone Group company) recently marketed Pocky in America. Pocky is very popular outside of Japan among Japanophiles as well as otaku anime lovers. The snack’s association with Engrish culture and odd versions such as “Men’s Pocky”, a bittersweet flavour, along with many Pocky parodies on animemanga, have contributed to its popularity. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lizbeth Hernandez)