plum smuggler means: On males, tight shorts are a common style. Tight enough to cause bulging of the testicles in the crotch. The wearer appears to be smuggling plums with his shorts. This is why the nickname “Plum Smugglers” was given to them. This short is often worn abroad by American tourists. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alden Quinn)

What else does plum smuggler mean?

  • 1 i gotta a lotta balls Two large-ass, purple, swollen testses. It is much more enjoyable to use the peanut bag as a boxing tool. It also serves as a great place for your pet’s newt. (in Community Dictionary, added by Xavier Munoz)
  • 1. Unsightly vain man in tight, lower-wear speedos, bike shorts and unitard who seems to have plums around his crotch. 2. Pimp trying to prevent his gigolos being taken into custody (in Community Dictionary, added by Artemio López)
  • Male speedo swimsuit. Banana Hammock also available. This term is based on the comparison between a plum and a scrotum. The term smuggling is used because the speedo makes the nut bag invisible. Thus,… Plum Smuggler. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jordon Padilla)
  • Plum smuggling can be described as the male equivalent of cameltoe. A plum smuggler means a man who has male cameltoe. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dominique Bishop)