Ploosh means: To contact someone or something. (in Community Dictionary, added by Harper Carlson)

What else does Ploosh mean?

  • After marathon sex, intense ejaculation and so spent. Properly spent. (in Community Dictionary, added by Paul Silva)
  • The word “Plooshy”, which is both a verb, and an adjective form of the same word, has slightly different meanings. Ploosh is a noun that refers to a small amount of soft material, like the stuff you find in pillows or inside “Moshi”, pillows. Ploosh is the verb that means to strike someone with a soft item with an intent to cause severe harm. This is absurd, since you can hit someone with something hard if you want to inflict injury. But, people who are stupid try to maim others with pillows or the like. (in Community Dictionary, added by Margarita Bravo)