PLEBA means: U2 Forum on is dedicated to members and managers of U2. The name of U2 is derived from The Edge, Bono and Larry Mullen Jr’s first letters. Female fans use the forum to share and enjoy pictures of their favorite band members. Posting members, or “posters”, at the forum are called PLEBAns. Other members of the U2 online community think that the posters to PLEBA are shallow U2 fans, more interested in U2’s looks than their music. Some even consider the PLEBA group an embarrassment for U2 fans. PLEBAns would disagree and argue that their habits reflect their love for U2’s music and the people who make it up. However, it’s true that a lot of the PLEBAns’ ‘fondness is expressed sexually and in lustful ways. Although the content is held now to a higher standard and less explicit than it was in the past, many PLEBA girls openly talk about their sexual fantasies related to the band. Critics often find it alarming that some of these girls may not be half as old as the U2 members. They are aware that this forum exists. Bono described the girls as scary girl when they were questioned about this. While the PLEBAns may be proud that Bono said so, it’s doubtful that they really should. Some believe that Bono’s comments are disapproving of the community are causing the girls to be so happy about it, they don’t see the negative overtones. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sh4dowmerPagoda)