Plastic Gangster means: A little guy who thinks that he is hardworking. He’ll give it the big’un all the time, but when it’s down to it, he is just a mouthful. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gauge Stephenson)

What else does Plastic Gangster mean?

  • An aspiring gangster or, as the ‘Plas-Gang’ in question may say, “Gangsta”, with an unnecessary emphasis on “sta”. Odd. It’s quite bizarre. To tell others to do certain things. 2. Encourage others to take up the fight. 3. They do the same things as real gangsters, with less conviction. They are apathetic when put in situations. They’d say, “Nope, sorry” if they were able to smash down a fence. Gotta go home for a bath. or…something. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fabio Álvarez)