Pit bitch means: Pit bitch refers to a female mechanic who works on motorcycles or cars. They work at the racetrack pits. This is why they are called pit bits. (in Community Dictionary, added by Gemma Page)

What else does Pit bitch mean?

  • The pit bitch is the one who holds the water and bike for the racer while they are distracted. The pit bitch is a term that can seem derogatory, but it’s actually very important for the racer. Expect to see female presence. Every pit biker becomes an umbrella girl in motorcycle racing. The lack of dirt and dust makes the clothes more sexy. High heels are also possible to be worn on pavement. (in Community Dictionary, added by Manuel Shea)
  • A person who helps maintain a consistent temperature at the BBQ pit, whether they are on a BBQ Competition team. The head chef may be this person. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jovan Fuller)