Piss Creek means: The Reading Festival 2008: A lush bush in the B1 Brown Camp. The bush was used thousands of people who were mud-ridden and unhygienic. They just wanted to be able to do their best work in a peaceful, remote area. Piss Creek belonged to Tiny Camp, King Thom’s rabid minions and was also owned by him Piss Creek could also be transformed into “Shit Creek”, or “Vomit Creek” in extreme cases. Piss Creek used a points system to advertise its products. A person could earn 10 points for twosies. The current record holder for points is Little Steve, who has over 120 points. (in Community Dictionary, added by Raven Lowe)

What else does Piss Creek mean?

  • A difficult situation. Sometimes confused with “shit creek”; the other is often said to be in piss creek but without a paddle. Piss creek is not recommended for use in serious circumstances, unlike shit. A paddle is recommended whenever possible. Piss creek was most likely originally a reference to the mississippi River. (in Community Dictionary, added by Joel Pastor)