Pinky Square means: Pinky Square is an alternative to Pinky Swear. This variation involves the parties involved continuing with regular Pinky Swear. They lock Pinky fingers together and make a promise. This variation takes the promise to a higher level by having both parties place their pinkies together in the form of a square. The order in which the pinkies are moved is down, right up, left and down again. Each movement overlaps the previous and seals the circle. Breaking a Pinky Square could, depending on who is involved, result in death. Therefore, both sides are advised to talk about the potential consequences of breaking a promise before signing a Pinky Square agreement. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nicolás Ferrer)

What else does Pinky Square mean?

  • This is a more powerful and significant version of the pinky swear. It would be more meaningful than any pinky promise or swear if you “pinky squared” your affection to someone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Junior Cantu)