pimp juice means: A energy drink Somthing the other sex desires. (in Community Dictionary, added by Porfirio Rubio)

What else does pimp juice mean?

  • Another set of definitions that you are not “listening” is pimp juice. Listen to the song. It means that she wants only what you own, and not your stuff. pimp juice is the stuff you buy to get the other sex. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adrian Cortez)
  • When I get back to my husband at the end of the day, I will need to clean myself. (in Community Dictionary, added by Logan Dillon)
  • 1. Anything that draws the other sex. It could be fame, money or intelligence. Common knowledge is that bitches are more likely to have pimp juice than their male counterparts. This includes their walk and talk. Pimp juice can also be colorblind, so they work on any colors and creeds. However, pimp juice isn’t present in anyone for their entire lives. The majority of pimp juice begins around the age of 9 and then starts to fade by age 50. Popularized in Nelly’s song “Pimp Juice” 2. Also may refer to Nelly’s non-carbonated energy drink, ‘Pimp Juice’. This could be used to increase one’s pimp juice production. (in Community Dictionary, added by Virilocal)
  • 1. Anything that attracts the opposing sex. 2An alcoholic beverage that consists of Malibu Rum, Peach Schnapps and Pineapple Juice. (in Community Dictionary, added by Stephen Serrano)
  • Pimp Juice was born from Nelly’s Nellyville hit song. It is any sex that draws the opposite. This was not meant to be a definition of anything. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brianna Shaw)
  • Anything that draws the other sex could be wealth, intellect or money. (in Community Dictionary, added by Curtis Murray)