pillow biter means: This is when a girlguy lies on their back while having their sex. They bite the pillow they have to keep from screaming. (in Community Dictionary, added by Amaro Vega)

What else does pillow biter mean?

  • This is slang for homosexual men. This term was probably inspired by the idea that an adult male would lie face down on a pillow and bite into it while engaging in anal sexual activity. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fermín Romero)
  • 1. Usually a reference to a man who, while being punished verbally, bites down on the pillow to drown out the sounds of his horrific homosexual pleasure. 2:Can be used to potty after pink for some obliging women. (in Community Dictionary, added by Briana Espinoza)
  • A person who feels so beaten up by a male’s penis or a woman with a foreign object like a pole or close family members with shampoo bottles that they are forced to use their pillows for relief. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ismael Santiago)