pierdolic means: The next meaning is… 1Pierdolic Sie with sthg: Also means: To do something lengthy and without visible effects. This can also refer to hard and heavy work. Prefix S-spierdolic, also spierdolone: To spoil or take away something. But also 2s- Sie : Fall down from sthg 3s- Sie – Visit someone unexpectively, or without an invitation. do- : 4. To tighten the sth extremely much Five to say something completely absurd or funny od- 6to let someone else alone 7. To do some type of job extremely badly 8wery nicely dressed. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alonso Benítez)

What else does pierdolic mean?

  • Another form of “pierdolic,” however, is also available: opierdalac Sie – To waste time doing nothing (in Community Dictionary, added by Esperanza Gilmore)
  • In Polish, the term “to fuck” generally refers to Pierdolic. It’s easy to modify the meaning of this swearword, just like “jebac”. To have rough sex, cheat or fire someone at school, use wypierdolic – Wypierdolic sie will fall to the ground Popierdolic To lose or to spend stupidly – Zapierdolic, podpierdolic (to steal), to strike someone once – zapierdolic sie, napierdolic sie to get drunk Dopierdolic or napierdolic. To punch someone several times. Very sadistically. Przypierdolic: To hit someone once Przypierdolic she to stick annoyingly Upierdolic is used to end something – upierdolic sie to get dirty – To shout at someone You can shave your head with an opierdolic she Popierdolic: To show less interest in something You can find many more prefixes. As you can see, “to fuck” is far richer and more powerful than just english. If necessary, you can find examples of declination in the following. sie means “self”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brooks Salinas)