phone tag means: It’s a silly game in which one person dials another, saying “tag youre IT”. The receiver then plays the same game again by calling another person. After receiving five phone calls from five people, the game is over. The annoyed player then decides not to call any other person and ends the cycle of calls. You can avoid receiving several phone calls at once by simply saying “no tagbacks” to anyone calling. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mason Cooley)

What else does phone tag mean?

  • If you miss a call from someone, it is called telemarketing. They call you back and your call is lost. (in Community Dictionary, added by Savion Odom)
  • This is when you call someone but only receive their answering machine. The other person will get the message, and then they’ll call you to check your voicemail. Continue this process until you are all done. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mohamed Crespo)
  • Two people attempt to reach each other via telephone. (in AZ Dictionary)