Phenom means: A total of four processors were released by AMD Inc., in two core variants: the Agena and the Deneb. A defect in the Agena version of Phenom’s processor caused all chips to be somewhat slower than AMD high-range dual core chips, and significantly slower than their competition’s quad core chip counterparts. AMD suffered a reputational blow and lost its market standing. It is very competitive against other quad-core processors from rival manufacturers and has no errata issues. (in Community Dictionary, added by Liduvina Garrido)

What else does Phenom mean?

  • A person, thing or event that is exceptional or unique. (in Community Dictionary, added by Krista Hurst)
  • A person who is “phenomenal” at something or has exceptional qualities that can’t even be explained. Although not necessarily gifted, they are certainly exceptional. These people possess an “it factor”, something they have that radiates from their heart and shines through. The true phenom is someone who exudes qualities like ambition, care, respect, honesty, integrity and all-around character. These are the people that you see and, although they may not be obvious to others, it is clear that you will one day recognize them as big. Person who claims to be a Phenom or possess “Phenom-like” abilities is not a Phenom. You can also say your middle name on Myspace and Facebook is Phenom. It would be paradoxical to be self-described Phenom. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ceferino Santiago)
  • An extraordinary or exceptional person, a phenomenon. (in AZ Dictionary)