pezzonovante means: An English loan word from Italian that means “Big Shot”. It was originally used by the Italians for their 90-mm artillery. The phrase is popularized in “The Godfather” when Vito informs Michael, his son, that he wants him to be a prominent person like a senator. Michael replies, “another Pezzo-novanta”, which is usually used negatively. (in Community Dictionary, added by Nyla Snyder)

What else does pezzonovante mean?

  • It is derived from the Sicilian word idiot, or moroni, and it is used mainly to indicate that someone knows nothing or has a bad life. It is used by Sicilians and Calabrians as insults. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tobias Walter)
  • Italian for “man with power” (in Community Dictionary, added by Dingy)
  • Sicilian’s “Pezzonovante”, literally, means 1.90. The term is usually used to describe people of high status. Al Pacino replied that he does not want to or need fame or being important. (in Community Dictionary, added by Markus Cannon)
  • An Italian word, meaning “Big Shot.” It is often misunderstood as referring to any man who is in power. However, the term is rarely used with a negative connotation. Michael, the Godfather uses this term to comfort his father. He is unhappy because he thought his son would be able to achieve legitimacy like a President or Senator. Michael used the term to assure his dad that these people think they’re important, but are actually no more than him. (in Community Dictionary, added by Anderson Velazquez)