pewn means: You can replace “pwn”, in many sentences, because “pwn”, is stupid. It’s time to get rid of the word “pwn”, it was started by some friends, and is now spreading around. Pewnage and also pewned can be used. It doesn’t have a specific meaning, but it is a term you can use in many situations. (in Community Dictionary, added by Deja Gamble)

What else does pewn mean?

  • Pewn: To beat someone with overwhelming force and power is to Pewn them. Pewn is threeved from “Pwn”, which derives from “own”; it has the same meaning and escent as its words. Rarely, you might see other variations of the term pewn. Pewnage is a variant of ownerage, “p3wnz0r”, or any other version of the word in 1337 text. The variants of “pewn”, however, are rare and only pros or lamers use them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Antonio Allison)
  • An unpleasant and unhygienic state. (in Community Dictionary, added by Makayla Ponce)