pescotarian means: A pescotarian doesn’t eat fish or other sea creatures. They may also exclude milk and eggs. Sometimes they call it other things.. I don’t know what. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elisa Bird)

What else does pescotarian mean?

  • Person who refuses to eat any meat except for those from the sea. fish, crabs, lobsters etc… Or a vegetarian, omnivore or someone who enjoys eating sea animals. (in Community Dictionary, added by Addison Mosley)
  • Pescotarians are vegetarians who also consume aquatic animal protein. Pescotarianism does not mean that a person is a vegetarian. However, they probably do not eat dairy products or eggs. Pescotarians are considered the most healthy. The Mediteranean and Japanese diets are examples. These cultures are known for having longer lives, more productive years and less disease. These cultures’ lifespans are starting to decrease due to the Western diet. These people also experience a significant decrease in their health and longevity when they move to the United States. Pescotarians often choose this lifestyle due to health concerns or because they are unhappy with the way chicken, beef and pork are reared and slaghtered. There are many other reasons to adopt this lifestyle. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cole Bush)