Peruvian Plumpkin means: This is a variation on a blumpkin, which begins in a pumpkin field. Your girl and you go looking for the perfect pumpkin to carve. You and your girl will begin carving the pumpkin together once you have found a good one. It is important to remember to let your little girl have all the seeds. You should feel a sense of unease in your stomach after an hour of carving. You must carve your pumpkin’s mouth. Then you must begin to seduce your girl. You sit down on your carved pumpkin and she starts to remove your pants. You have to allow your bowels to escape the pumpkin and she starts to give you a head. Just before you start to burst in the girls’ mouth, get up and smash into the pumpkins made mouth. Then, you smash the cum-filled pumpkin onto your girl’s head. (in Community Dictionary, added by Caitlin Cline)