Persnickety means: If a person acts like a douchebag, or gets on the nerves of others This word can be used to describe someone who doesn’t feel at home. This is a nice way of saying “nothing”: (in Community Dictionary, added by Valeriano Sánchez)

What else does Persnickety mean?

  • If one doesn’t know how to deal with themselves; it is called arsey. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jonathan King)
  • This word should be Googled in order to get the correct definition, as directed by Dane Cook. This can be defined as being picky, fussy about little details or a snob. (in Community Dictionary, added by Agustín Mora)
  • Persnickety per-snik-i-tee –adjective 1. Paying attention to details. 2. Related to being picky or fussy–over-particular. 3. These traits are often viewed as pretentious or snobbish. 3. Fastidious. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaiden Johns)
  • It was once an adjective, but it is now a verb. This is the new term to describe hooking up or making out, and even canoodling. This never gets beyond second base. Persnickety is usually a temporary affair or when you’re not that into someone. This can also mean to kiss and spoon, as well as to canoodle. (in Community Dictionary, added by Reyna Hopkins)
  • Expensive; requires attention to details. (in AZ Dictionary)