Permanent Wedgie means: Slide a rope-like item through your legs. Wear the suspenders like suspenders in your front. (in Community Dictionary, added by David Ibáñez)

What else does Permanent Wedgie mean?

  • When the following things happen, it is called a “permanent wedgie”. While still wearing their clothes, the victim is forced to take his or her underwear from both the front (also known as a melvin) and back (also known as wedgie). This is how the underwear should be held. Lace, rope, string, belt, etc. It is then looped from the front through the legholes, brought up over the shoulders, and then looped around the back through the legholes. The person is tied and has a permanent wedgie. You should also know these words: Wedgie is when one pulls at the bottom of the pants, pulling it up from the front. This causes the underwear “ride up,” or to become stuck between the buttocks. The wedgier or giver pulls harder, and the underwear pulls on the buttocks, causing friction burn. This is most common for people who wear the unpopular briefs. Melvin is the act of removing one’s bottoms from the front. This causes discomfort in the testicles for men as the underwear is pressed tightly, compressing them. It can also cause it to become stuck in the vaginal region. (in Community Dictionary, added by Vulviform)