Perker means: Perker is a name that dates back to the 1960s and 70s in Denmark. Denmark needed workers to help build its infrastructure at that point. They then called for “Gastearbejdere”, or “Fremmedarbejdere”, which translated to “Guest Workers” or “Foreign Workers”, mostly from Turkey, Pakistan, and Yugoslavia Iran. Danish refers to Iranian people as “Perser”, which is a translation of “Persian”. You will notice the “Per” at “Perser.” Danish refers to someone who is Turkish or Pakistani as “Tyrker”, “Pakistaner”. This translates into “Turk”, “Pakistani”, and “Pakistani.” The “er” is in “Tyrker” and “Pakistan-er”. The words were then combined by someone to describe people of foreign-muslim heritage. Thus, “Per-ker” When a white person says “Perker”, it is usually considered hate speech and racially motivated insulting. Similar to the Western Hemisphere’s N-word, which is racist motivated hate speech directed at people of color in the Western Hemisphere, Perker is also considered such when it is addressed towards people who are muslim. It is alive and well in Denmark. Although it has not been as widely acknowledged, it’s sometimes considered taboo to be pointed out. The Danish Parliament has many politicians who claim that racism doesn’t exist within its borders. Pronunciation: Paer’kar. (in Community Dictionary, added by Wilfredo Herrera)

What else does Perker mean?

  • A person who fakes something or lies. (in Community Dictionary, added by Luciana Hubbard)
  • Perker means fucked up arab, in danish. It’s a Danish expression that means “fuckin’ with all his cousins” if you speak it to an Arab in Denmark. (in Community Dictionary, added by Thalia Callahan)
  • We from the Middle-East are called perkers, just like Blacks. It is most commonly used in Denmark. (in Community Dictionary, added by Melina Clark)
  • PerKer lurks in chat and IRC in search of free live, cyber-sex. Pervert = Lurker (in Community Dictionary, added by Ryan Weiss)
  • They are known as Nigga in America. The Middle East people you know are called Perker, but they only exist in Denmark. :P. (in Community Dictionary, added by Porfirio Sáez)