peppermint swirl means: A man will lick a woman’s stomach after she has had her period. He then cums her lips and they start making peppermint swirls. (in Community Dictionary, added by Benjamín Crespo)

What else does peppermint swirl mean?

  • After sexing with a woman who has just finished, he sticks his hand in her vagina, swirling it until the blood and semen creates a beautiful peppermint effect. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lorenzo Martín)
  • The following are the results of the completed steps One man eats a woman while she is on her period 2 Woman gives man head Notice: Man keeps his vaginal blood in his mouth, and women keep her semen in their mouths Three Both men and women are attracted to a combination of semen and period blood. (in Community Dictionary, added by Romualdo Campos)
  • A man can punch his partner in their nose and cause blood to run down the cheeks. He then ejaculates over the area that is bleeding and swirls his penis with the mixture of semen and blood, giving it the appearance of a peppermint swirl. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zain Frederick)
  • If a woman feels on top of her periods, she may decide to put the semenblood mixture in her partner’s stomach button. no outties. (in Community Dictionary, added by Caiden Schultz)