penisitis means: A rare but very common condition in which you must sometimes use two opposing ideas. (in Community Dictionary, added by Damián Garrido)

What else does penisitis mean?

  • Penisitis can also be described as any peenie who is unwell, smelly, unwashed, smelly, has cheese or a male STD. Note that a penisitis-prone wang is referred to as a “peenie” and not a “wang”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Russell Bowman)
  • A condition that causes the penis to become dusty. Usually accompanied with a “poof sound.” Bulldykes are the most common cause of fat and guyish lesbians. This is usually caused by sharing a bed with someone who has a bug that can be found in all countries, except Vietnam. This bug is known as a “urethratinsite”. The bug crawls inside the urethra, sucking all the moisture from the muscle and flesh. This causes the structure to crumble into dust. Dust rehydrating in air creates the poof sound. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pedro Page)
  • Overcompensation to have a smaller dick than you are by having an even larger one. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kolby Holloway)