peh means: The last name Perry was short for because it is only commonly used in New England. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ángeles Núñez)

What else does peh mean?

  • Hebrew word meaning mouth. This is used to inform friends about the uncoolness of a person. This is often used to describe someone who meets you at a party. Often used to denote the man who hangs out next to the refrigerator and is not expected. (in Community Dictionary, added by Chitchat)
  • Onomatopoeia is the character “Peh”, which signifies that one will emit a sound. The noise is made by spitting at the ground, as though spitting on the subject of verbal dispute. It also suggests a rapid exasperated exhalation of air. This is often accompanied by either disbelief, or anger. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rex Skinner)
  • Anti-dookies: The one word you need to know. (in Community Dictionary, added by Shannon Snow)
  • Scotch; spoken mainly by the dundonians, meaning pie. Also, it can refer to the female genitalia. (in Community Dictionary, added by Camron James)
  • Variation of the classic “meh”, but used to show a more dismissive or uncaring attitude toward the context. Although’meh” can mean many things, the obvious meaning is a shrugged shoulder. ‘Peh’, however, means “yeah whatever, I don’t care”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Felicity Knapp)