Peginus means: Pe-gin-us. An alliance of penis and vagina for those times when it’s hard to tell if someone is a penis or vagina. A peginus is also possible. It’s difficult to tell whether it’s penis, vagina, or an arsehole because it can be so messy down there. (in Community Dictionary, added by Homero Parra)

What else does Peginus mean?

  • If you are confronted by a woman so disgusting that your dick shrinks into your body, it can cause a vagina to form where your penis is normally. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jabari Brown)
  • An Anus is a cross of a Pegina Penis+Vagina, and Anus. Simultaneous double penetration is the term for sexual intercourse with this mythical organ. The mythical organ responsible for pheromone abuse and hemaphroditism is thought to be this. You can consider them to be a combination of a Vaginus Vagina+Anus, a penis or a Penus Penis+Anus with a vagina. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brooklyn Cantrell)
  • The leathery fluid from the vagina, which was released during painful sexual intercourses with women, has tainted a penis. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bernabé Aguilar)
  • This is a sexual organ which resembles the penis as well as the vagina. It’s similar to a troy but can only be obtained by royally-fucked people, such as those below. (in Community Dictionary, added by Omar Maddox)