pedophobia means: Parents have an irrational fear that their child may be a pedophile because of the fear they feel. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bumbledom)

What else does pedophobia mean?

  • Na. Acute fear of or hatred towards young people. (in Community Dictionary, added by Simón Muñoz)
  • The noun pedophobia can also be called paedophobia. It could refer to one or both of these things. 1. Fear of children. This definition would mean that a person who is pedophobic will avoid contact with children and any other act which might remind them. 2. Irrational hatred, discrimination and criminalization of pedophiles. This definition states that a person who is a child pedophile would seek to persecute and punish anyone supporting pedophilia. This is not a term. Both cases are different and a person with pedophobia can be called a “pedophobe”. (in Community Dictionary, added by RapisWonky)
  • A fear of panic that can be irrational and often hyperactive. This is a common problem for parents. This is a delusional belief that perverteds in trenchcoats lurk behind every tree with candy-filled pockets. This disorder causes parents to feel compelled to watch their kids, including teenagers. These parents assume their child would be a pervert and want them to have children. However, they are often just as boring and unattractive than the parents who gave them life. They are highly suggestible and many of these parents watch FOX News daily. You may also experience paranoia, melodramatic behaviors and frequent episodes. Unfortunately, many people will never be healed before passing the disease to their children. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cooper Steele)
  • While pedo means “children”, it is actually a Latin word that derives from the word “paedo”. A pedopobic individual is someone who has an aversion to children. This is more correctly pronounced “pedo” and not “pedo”, which refers to a mode of transportation. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jovany Jimenez)