Pasta Rasta means: Pasta Rasta refers to a person of white with long hair. It is not a term that refers to someone’s hair looking like noodles or implying they are of Italian descent. Pasta comes from the root word paste which means the subject has pasty white skin. Rasta is derived from Rastafarian, the root word. I won’t give the whole Rastafarian Movement breakdown; you can look it up if you want to. Pasta Rastas don’t know much about Rastafarian culture, and they are often just street rats or dirty hippies. Pasty Rastafarian has a very dull ring so Pasta Rasta is the name. This term was first used in the Bay Area, where many Pasta Rastas lived and worked. The working part and being a productive member in society were both important. (in Community Dictionary, added by Phillip Mullins)