passa passa means: 1. Confusion 2. Commotion It also refers to the Jamaican street dance of the same name. Literally: Mix-up, Mix-up Origin: Jamaican. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jonas Camacho)

What else does passa passa mean?

  • Spanish Town Road, in Kingston’s Tivoli Gardens, is a well-known dancehall event. It takes place on Wednesday nights and ends at 8 o’clock Thursday mornings. In 2003, Ash Wednesday was made a national holiday in Jamaica. The event has been the biggest dancehall nightevent worldwide. Passa Passa DVDs have been sold all over the world and are now virtual guides videos. They help spread current dancehall culture and style around the world. Passa Passa is responsible for a revival of street dancing in Kingston, Jamaica. Passa Passa provides a space where people from different ghettos can come together in an open environment to socialize, party, and have fun. The Uptown dancehall aficionados have been able to move out of their clubs and into an outdoor Downtown event. Swatch International, the sound system, will provide entertainment. Tony Matterhorn, Likkle Richie and Maestro are some of the well-known selectors. Here you will find both male and female Jamaican dancehall queens. Passa Passa is where the world-famous “dutty wine” dance gained international recognition. It continues well into the morning commute, slowing traffic on Spanish Town Road. At times, the cars, vans and buses are part of the dancing floor, as dancers enter cars or dance provocatively from roofs. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lino Gómez)