pass christian high school means: It is a place that almost everybody finds their home. Although it takes some time to find people that will support and love you, there are many. If you are open to finding these people, there will be no shortage of them. If you fall, the right students are there to help you. They are the best and most supportive staff in town. The staff care deeply about your health and mental well-being, and they will also guide you in the right direction to help you get everything done. Talking to others in the school will help you find people who will listen to you and contribute to your conversation. Pass is one family, but it’s a multi-ethnic group that shares a common name. If you feel lost or out of place I recommend that you spread your love, your name and your love. You will find the people who are closest to you and your loving friends the more you connect with them. Pass is a close-knit family who supports one another through all the highs and lows. It may be difficult to make friends with these caring friends, but students at Pass Christian High School have the opportunity to laugh and share their ideas with each other. Share the Pass spirit to keep us connected and lifted up. Share the love that binds us all. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aedan Weaver)

What else does pass christian high school mean?

  • This school is the most horrible school. I’ve been to this school all my life, and it’s one of the worst. The people there are selfish, entitled, toxic, and obsessed with themselves. The staff will expect you to conform to their ideal of the perfect student. If you fail to check every box, they will label you as “problem”, “dumb”, or “not good enough”. It’s truly sad. This place made me feel the most alone I’ve ever felt. There are “fit in” people, and then there is the group of “outcasts”. but i’m in between. I’m not the most popular cheerleader, but i also don’t sit in the corner like the strange emo child. I think that i play the most difficult role at school. I have no friends, because people are disloyal and fake. I once heard high school was a place where people are afraid to pretend they’re something else. The students make it seem like they have perfect lives and are perfect. The staff may pretend to care, but they only care about getting paid and doing what is required. This is the kind of school this is. I’m glad you are considering going here, and welcome to the lonely hell. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ephebiatrics)