pandasexual means: A Pandasexual, like their nameake is someone who does not have the skill or desire to successfully conceive. They are also similar to Pandas and have a 24-72 hour mating cycle, which makes each failed attempt at fornication feel like an embarrassing gender reveal party. A Pandasexual, however, is distinguished from asexuals or incels by an unbalanced libido and general lack of cluelessness. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eileen Mckinney)

What else does pandasexual mean?

  • No sex drive, or sexual orientation. (in Community Dictionary, added by Strathspey)
  • It’s quite simple. You don’t identify yourself as having sex only with pandas. But you can accept other forms of sexuality. Pansexuality is different from pansexuality. If you have an intense lust for white or black you’re exceptionally biracial. Pandasexuals will unite everyone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Olive Clark)
  • An individual who refuses to have intimate relationships with others. They may not care enough, are too busy, or don’t want to be intimate with another person. (in Community Dictionary, added by Anderson Velazquez)