Palos Verdes means: Although this community has high ratings for public schools and is financially secure, it remains one of the most exclusive and bigoted communities in the country. While the people of this community act as if they care about all people and are anti-racism, one high school had many years of racist incidents. The parents are responsible for paying for top-quality tutors to their children, which is why high schools still rank well despite the work involved. The majority of teachers are not paid to be in the top ten. Yet, the school system places so much value in mental health than it does on the test scores that they can display to the rest. It is a place where there’s nothing. The teens love to party, fight and smoke, then jump on social media whenever they return home. Yet, they continue to exclude others. It is very different from the rest of LA County. This community is not varied, it has very few activities, and is its own entity. It will be easier to get to know those Mexicans who commute from elsewhere to work in the school and manual labor. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jamison Levy)

What else does Palos Verdes mean?

  • It is a small hill in Los Angeles County that offers little excitement and nightlife. There are two high schools in the area, Palos Verdes High and Peninsula High. They have a lot to say about one another when it comes down to playing rivalry games. Peninsula High is home to a lot of weird Asians who all study way too much in order to become the next Albert Einstein. Palos Verdes High is home to a lot of white dudes, bitches, and spoiled kids who believe they’re the best. Children from Torrance, Harbor City and Carson talk crap, while Inglewood kids call Palos Verdes children spoiled because they live in a ghetto. Palos Verdes may not be as wealthy as some other coastal Orange County areas like Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. (in Community Dictionary, added by Giancarlo Hodges)
  • Because my family earned less than 60,000, the kids believed I was in ghetto. That is my opinion. (in Community Dictionary, added by Janelle Ray)
  • 1. The collective name for all four Palos Verdes peninsula cities Rolling Hills Estates and Rolling Hills Estates. 2. In Spanish, literally means “green sticks”. 3. Also called “the hill.” “. (in Community Dictionary, added by Paula Reynolds)
  • Let me correct some myths regarding PV. It is indeed affluent but not as extravagant as Brentwood or Beverly Hills. The town feels very small. It does not have a nightlife, however, we love it that way. It’s quiet. It is surrounded by trees. It is surrounded by nature. Wild animals are found in it. There are very few street lights. It is a place we call home because it’s far from downtown LA and Orange County. This is a peaceful oasis amongst a sea of ugly and crowded cities. Both the best and worst of both worlds are ours. The Hill can be accessed from the lower pool for any purpose, and we can also return to our sweet peacefulness. PV rocks. (in Community Dictionary, added by Daisy Mccormick)
  • Affluent but boring Suberb located in Los Angeles County, along the coast from San Pedro to Redondo Beach. Also called “The Hill” and “The Bubble”. Notable for not having any entertainment at all, forcing residents to travel to nearby beach towns such as Redondo and Hermosa for nightlife. They also hope to avoid being embraced by the Palos Verdes Estates Police Department on their drunken return. Notable for being the only free 711 that’s not open 24/7. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fabio Alonso)
  • Tennis moms gather for coffee at Starbucks to exchange gossip. CEO fathers drive their children to work in designer suits with Italian leather luggages. Teens ride up the hill in fancy cars and turn the music on high to begin a new day. This is a place full of mansions on the cliffs and local surf spots as well as countless golf courses. The city council can control how high trees grow, whether street lights are permitted, as well as the location of your new pool. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kaylie Ho)