Pagosa Springs means: Sunny place for those who are shady. (in Community Dictionary, added by Roy Larsen)

What else does Pagosa Springs mean?

  • It is a tourist destination in southwest Colorado. It is well-known for its easy access both to Wolf Creek Ski Resort and Methamphetamine. The Springs Resort Spa is also located in this town, which makes it a popular destination for tourists. (in Community Dictionary, added by Charles Osborne)
  • The demon shithole of a city. A place where shady individuals live and smoke crystal meth. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mitchell Mcguire)
  • This small community in Southern Colorado is home to hicks and rednecks as well as hippies. High school students who live in the town all their lives, are unaware of what the world outside looks like. They are about to be rudely awakened. Fear of being unkown makes it difficult for most to leave this community. They will continue the footsteps of their parents, who are farmers and generally unimpressive members of society. (in Community Dictionary, added by Palmarian)