Padoodle means: The uncontrollable peeps, often from excessive Mexican beer consumption the night prior. (in Community Dictionary, added by Camron James)

What else does Padoodle mean?

  • Padoodles are anything that a person considers to be the ultimate in awesomeness. A padoodle is therefore a person’s idea of the epitomy of awesome. A padoodle can be described as a compliment. Padoodlingverb means having fun, doing what you love, and being happy. Anti-padoodle is the opposite. (in Community Dictionary, added by Clara Vidal)
  • The last person who says it must be taken off a piece of clothing. (in Community Dictionary, added by Michael Kaufman)
  • Car game of stripping. You will slam on the roof and shout padoodle when a car passes you with a defective headlight. You must take off any clothing or padoodles that you hear. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mylee Sweeney)
  • Padoodles are sexy, sexy women who want sex from men but not willing to have it with them. Not even brownbagged. (in Community Dictionary, added by Casey Lyons)