P Fritty means: P Fritty, an oval bumper sticker in black and white that is meant to raise awareness of the terrible and lasting effects of random acts violence, was created and sold. Patrick A. Frye was nicknamed “Pritty” in middle school. He was killed by a woman that he hadn’t met on October 27, 2007. His life span was just 20 years and 4 months 20. 4. 7. Born in Colombia, South America, he was raised in Lowell Massachusetts. He is greatly missed by his large family, many friends, and his gorgeous smile. 247 All proceeds from these stickers will go to the Patrick A. Frye memorial fund, which offers scholarships for high school students as well as assistance to the needy. Stickers are also intended to help promote peace and keep his name out of the public eye. (in Community Dictionary, added by Addisyn Carson)