OTPHJ means: Hand Jibber for Over the Pants (in Community Dictionary, added by Amara Boyer)

What else does OTPHJ mean?

  • This is abrebiation, which means “Over The Pants Hand Job”. It’s the act of giving a man a handjob on his pants. (in Community Dictionary, added by Patience Downs)
  • Hand Job on Over the Pants (in Community Dictionary, added by Clinton Duke)
  • NOUN 1 Over the Pants Hand Jiggity. Two-over Trouser Penis Hand Jobs. Something to do under the table at the girl friend’s house. Or the sole sexual act available to females who grew up in the suburbs of Detroit. (in Community Dictionary, added by Stylobate)
  • The OTPHJ (or “over-the-pants hand jobs”) are far easier than a UTPHJ in public and much less costly than a ZJ. Since devin purchased the leopard, zebra and cheetah slap jewelrys from ebay, the OTPHJ has been the hottest trending item of 2008. OTPHJs can be described as “amazing.” OTPHJs can often be seen at the tables of resturants and chiling poolsides. They are also frequently seen on the Chinatown Bus from NY to DC. Calvin Klein makes a boxer short specifically for OTHPJs. Dan M can provide more information. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rodney Oconnor)
  • Over-The-Pants-Hand-Job. The distant cousin to the dry hump. (in Community Dictionary, added by Milagros King)