Ostrich means: Female with thick, full bushpubic hair and long lips that reach past the bush. (in Community Dictionary, added by Columba Márquez)

What else does Ostrich mean?

  • Ostrich is the latest way Russian Spyware makes fun of the word retard. (in Community Dictionary, added by Maleah Hardin)
  • Big ass man-pigeon. If you give it a pen, it will run at 60 mph. The car’s head and body will look at you, but its head will not. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marcos Hidalgo)
  • One of the two swift, flightless large-breathing birds can be used. (Struthio camelus Or S. molybdophanes) Ostriches are a distinctive African bird that is characterized by long, straight neck, small heads, and two-toed feet. The largest of all living bird species, the Ostriche is considered to be the most powerful. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • A person who refuses to confront unpleasant situations in order to prevent them from happening. (in AZ Dictionary)